A major new survey of content on YouTube has revealed that at the end of 2018 the platform was hosting 5.2 Billion videos, equivalent to 1 Billion hours of content and that it was being added to by 621 hours every minute or ten hours every second.

Those are massive numbers by any way of reckoning and it stresses the importance of finding the right ways to get your video noticed amid the surge.

The survey was conducted by Pex, a US based search engine who published the full results of their investigation on Medium.

The rate of growth in terms of the number of users uploading content has slowed but that is purely down to having reached pretty much saturation of the connected audience that would have either the ability or the connectivity to engage.

YouTube’s focus has switched from getting new people to upload to improving the experience for those who do.

The average number of videos which users upload has now climbed to 13 per year, a three fold increase than in the early days of the medium even when it was populated more by power users.

The average length of videos has increased by a similar rate, having extended from five minutes to 15.  Long form content is no longer considered a turn off and the speed of streaming as well as the younger audience’s inclination to view on smaller rather than larger communal screens is changing the ways in which content creators view the optimum format.

The average length is driven up by gaming videos which average 24 minutes but less than 3,000 views.  Music is shorter with the average length coming in at less than seven minutes but the number of views per piece of content averages more than four times the standard metric.

It’s a real rabbit hole to dive down but vital to understand the changing dynamics if content is a part of your marketing campaigns around the entertainment or indeed any other sector.

You can view the original report in full from Pex on Medium right here. 

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