YouTube has announced a range of measures designed to give greater weight to authoritative and verified news sources and to raise those higher up users news feeds.

Like Facebook, the social media site owned by Google has been accused of being too easy a medium for ‘fake news’ to gain credibility.

New links will appear on an information panel above breaking and developing news stories which will link directly to sources which YouTube consider to be the most authoritative.

It will be interesting to see which these sources tend to be as there might be nothing quite so divisive as ones chosen media source?

Will it be so behaviour driven that our previous preferences will lead us to either the Telegraph or the Guardian, to CNN or Fox News depending on our own worldview?

With 450 Hours of video content going online every minute of every day the ability to verify and control has to be driven by automation and machine learning rather than human intuition.

Encyclopedia Brittanica has reinvented itself for the modern age and, alongside Wikipedia was namechecked by the company in how it will look to fact check stories and videos as well.

The initiative on a tech side is being backed by funding from the Google News Initiative launched earlier this year which will be given to help news sources that demonstrate a commitment to quality journalism to expand their video-based content.

The sum spoken of is around €25 million which might not mean much to an NBC or BBC but which could be valuable funding locally for online news services that struggle to compete with the reach of the major broadcasters.

The world of online news is moving faster and switching direction faster than most can imagine. And it is getting more complex with each passing minute.