He topped the Spotify streaming charts and now he has doubled up with the most watched music video of 2016.

Ed Sheeran has had a pretty chart-topping year and that will be music to the ears of those fans among the near 400,000 who will be going to see him on his tour of Ireland’s biggest venues next year.

Worldwide Luis Fonsi’s smash hit Despacito beat Shap of You to top spot but in the UK and Ireland the placings were the other way round.

DJ Khaled came third and fifth in the local charts, either side of French Montana with Unforgettable.

The sheer scale of You Tube’s numbers is incredible for a media that barely existed ten years ago.

The Despacito video has been viewed 4.4 Billion times, generating awareness for the artist, promotion for tours and advertising revenue for channel owners and for Google who own the platform.

The recording of likes, looks and engagements across social media is an area of huge interest to brands and advertisers and there is a lot of sleight of hand when it comes to calling out the ultimate value of them.

This is an area we will be looking at in detail as part of our events programme for members which we will be launching early in 2018.

For now though here is the YouTube Rewind of the year gone by…

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