Next week Entertainment for Business will reveal detail on the first roundtable event to take place on the contentious issue of ticketing.

We will bring together a mix of those who have an interest in where the ticketing debate goes to next.

The purpose of the Round Table series as first developed by Sport for Business is to bring smart minds together to share views on the challenges and opportunities that a particular question might give rise to and explore ways in which we can help to make things better.

The makeup of our Round Table series will be those who have an opinion and are willing to make a contribution to how things can progress.

We will be inviting friends, colleagues and even rivals from among those who have thus far already joined the Sport for Business collective over the coming weeks and will be naming our date and venue shortly.

This is the first of a regular programme of intelligent debates around the commercial world of Irish entertainment.  It is an important part of what we can do to help each other in making things happen.

If you would like to be considered for the Entertainment for Business Round Table on Ticketing contact us today.