Each Monday we like to look back on some of the stories in media in Ireland and further afield that capture the business side of the entertainment world.

Hungry for Film

The Cork Film Festival kicked off at the weekend and will show 250 films around the world. It traces its origins back to 1956 before Dublin or Sundance were even dreamt of.

The Sunday Independent’s Paul Whitington caught up with Festival director Fiona Clark to get a sense of why the hunger for really good film is as strong today in Cork as it has always been.

Read the interview here. 


Satire in the Age of Trump

It’s time for midterm elections across the US and consideration of whether people will support or rise up against Donald Trump and all he stands for is a massive area for discussion across all sectors of the US.

It stretches beyond the News and Politics pages as well.

The New York Times has taken a look at how Late Night TV has been treating the elections, and how to create satire in a world where what once seemed preposterous is now the norm.

Read the article here. 


Leadership of the Night

The Irish Times is publishing a number of ‘Capital Ideas’ about how to make Dublin life better for those who inhabit the city.

Many are concerned with infrastructure and work but on Saturday Una Mulally put forward the idea of creating a ‘Night Czar’ someone within the City Council who would have responsibility to “prioritise, promote, support and embrace the importance of nightlife, culture and creativity.”

It has to be said the Council already has a strong presence within the cultural space, but the idea of having someone specifically looking after nightclubs, drawn from London, is certainly quirky.

Read the article here.


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