We are delighted today to announce the venue for our first two gatherings of the growing Entertainment for Business Community.

Sole Restaurant is a brand new venue on South William Street in Dublin and it’s Captain’s Table Private Dining Room will be the venue for our first two invited gatherings in the coming weeks.

The first is for major sponsors in the Entertainment sector on Wednesday 25th April, followed by one for Sponsorship and Marketing Agencies on May 23rd.

Both will follow a model of pinpoint insight and learning on the sponsorship world from around the world, followed by a roundtable discussion on matters that count for those who will join us on each of the morning sessions.

Shared learning, experiences and issues enable any sector to grow better, little by little, and that’s what Entertainment for Business will deliver in the same way as our sister publication Sport for Business has done in that sector over the past six years.

There are limited places available for our first Sponsor gathering but if you are interested in what we are building and would like to be a part of future events, drop us an email us and let’s have a conversation.

On Wednesday 25th April we will host a gathering of existing and potential members of our community to explore the theme of ‘Making Sponsorship Work in Entertainment.

On Wednesday 23rd May we will host a specific Agency event titled ‘Creating a Platform for Agency Excellence in Entertainment’.