The Sunday Times publishes its ever popular Rich List this weekend and by way of promoting it has revealed the top ten established and young artists together with their estimated wealth.

U2 are far and away Ireland’s leading performers with an estimated wealth of €678 million.

That is enough to place them third on the list with the others in the Top 10 looking like this:

1. Andrew Lloyd Webber.         €954 million

2. Paul McCartney                    €872 million

3. U2                                         €678 million

4. Elton John                            €372 million

5. Mick Jagger                         €320 million

6. Keith Richards                     €302 million

7. Olivia and Dhani Harrison.  €291 million

8. Ringo Starr                          €279 million

9. Michael Flatley                    €237 million

10. Sting                                  €200 million

The value of a strong back catalogue is evidenced when comparing the younger artists list.

That is headed by Ed Sheeran, buoyed by his record breaking tour of Ireland last year. He has an estimated value of €186 million. More than enough to renovate his country mansion.

Niall Horan will also be comfortable given his third spot on the Young musicians list with €57 million.