The death of Lyra McKee in Derry has raised awareness around the world that the Troubles in Northern Ireland are not as much a part of history as had been hoped.

The death of a journalist anywhere is a major story in itself and while Northern Ireland has benefitted in recent months from its clear positioning as the centre of the Game of Thrones universe, another artistic endeavour centred on the North is firmly rooted in those days gone by.

And it is winning audiences. The Ferryman is a play set against the backdrop of an IRA activists family and has been nominated for no fewer than nine Tony Awards in the Oscars of Broadway.

Irish actors Fionnuala Flanagan and Laura Delaney have both been nominated and the play is one of five to have been put forward as the Best Play.

Written by Jez Butterworth it was first performed in London and was a hit in the West End before transferring to Broadway.

It has yet to be staged in Ireland and has been criticised by some for playing up Irish stereotypes so maybe it will be a while yet before it does.

Still, so long as it is revelling in the bright lights of Broadway that is unlikely to cause any lost sleep for the producers.



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