The Irish Film Classification Office has published its annual report for 2018 which shows that the number of films certified for cinematic release last year was almost exactly the same as in 2017.

We had the opportunity to see 448 movies in the cinema last year, as opposed to 447 in 2017.

That’s a lot for the censor to sit through but the office is obviously doing a pretty good job as there were only 18 complaints in total about the classifications.

Six of those were about Show Dogs which viewers felt was more inappropriate than the censor. He does note though, without passing judgement per se, that two of the complainants has not actually seen the movie.

Perhaps there is still an element of ‘Down with that sort of thing’ still afoot within Ireland’s self-appointed moral guardians.

While cinema releases kept pace year-on-year, the number of video / DVD releases was down 15 per cent to a number of 2,621, in a trend which the report says is likely to continue.

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