The St Patrick’s Festival for 2019 will be launched in Dublin tonight and plans are expected to include an expansion from the current five-day celebration into a month-long party.

If you are sceptical then you may well have been when the original reach beyond the 24 hours of national festivities became the longer party we now see as the norm.

Anyone who has attended the main parade through Dublin in recent years will recognise the appeal it still has, particularly for visitors from around the world and the economic impact they deliver is central to the narrative that CEO Susan Kirby will lay before us this evening.

It is claimed to deliver an economic impact of over €70 million, most but not all of that in Dublin and that is seen as an impressive return on state investment into the Festival of €1.4 million.

Last Friday it was announced that Tesco Ireland had signed a new two-year cultural partnership with the Festival, providing support for a range of activities over the current five days running from March 14th to 18th.

“We are delighted to announce this exciting partnership with the team at Tesco Ireland, and we look forward to working on an inclusive, celebratory and diverse cultural programme for 2019 and into the future,” said Kirby.

“We’re very honoured to be such a major partner to the world-renowned St. Patrick’s Festival,” added Clair O’Donnell, Head of Brand Activations for the retailer.

“This is something our colleagues are very excited about. As a team we can’t wait to bring our culture of little helps to life across the Festival, supporting a whole host of cultural events and activities for colleagues, customers and families to enjoy”.

Join us tomorrow for a rundown on what that will look like next month, and stay with us as well look over the coming weeks at the commercial partnerships that are part and parcel of Ireland’s most high profile Festival.



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