Whether it’s for corporate or private events booking entertainment can often come down to knowing someone who once saw this band…

Not any more. Mark Downing, the man behind the AMA Music Agency and one of the first to really understand the power of internet search in the music game has just launched a collection of booking sites that make it as easy as ordering a meal off Just Eat or booking a flight on Ryanair.

The sites look clean and make the decision-making process as easy as we have ever seen it.

There is transparent pricing up front, a clear offer that you only pay a 10 per cent deposit up front to secure the band and everything is done online.

There are pen portraits of the artists, videos of them performing all in one place and testimonials from those who have booked in the past.

The sites cover Traditional, jazz, general entertainment, wedding bands, silent disco’s all the way through to stormtroopers and singing waiters.

“Our musicians are carefully selected from the cream of Irish talent and they are experts in performing having gathered plenty of experience over their years of Live shows, Corporate Gigs and Wedding Celebrations,” said Downing.

“It can be really difficult to go through the process of booking a band but we had a look and thought, why should that be the case.”

Everyone is familiar with the kind of presentation we have built and the reaction from those we have trialled the service to has been great.

The sites are now live at www.bookatradband.ie, www.bookajazzband.ie, www.bookaquartet.ie and a variety of other similar names.

Given his own experience in search engine optimisation and taking a professional approach while others will be operating as stand-alone entities, we can see this having a real impact.

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