Nielsen has this week revealed its first half of the year statistics across music and entertainment in the US and there are some figures that leap out.

On demand streaming across audio like Spotify and video like Netflix rose an incredible 31.6 per cent over the same period in 2018 coming in at a gargantuan 385.7 Billion, yes billion streams.

Put in context that would be 85,000 episodes of Game of Thrones or plays of Old Town Road for every single person living in Ireland today. And that’s only the US figure

There is a downside to the massive rise in consumption in that physical album sales dropped almost 19 per cent to 51.6 million.

The retro revolution of 33 rpm vinyl gets another boost though with numbers up 7.6 per cent to 7.7 million but that really is just playing around the edges of the juggernaut that is streaming.

You can peruse the full report from the link below but as you do just pause a second and imagine, just imagine if the internet was to be disabled…

Request a download of the Nielsen US Music Mid Year report right here.

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