Schweppes and Raw Marketing have come up with an innovative way to promote the brand mixing sociability, history and storytelling across four of Dublin’s best known venues.

The Schweppes Flavour Adventure gets underway tonight and will run each Wednesday and Sunday over the next four weeks.

Four groups of no more than 25 participants will set off from each of Pichet, The Mercantile, Cafe en Seine and Nolita for a walking tour through the history of Dublin with an expert guide and a stop at each venue along the way with a reserved table and a different drink united in theme by having a Schweppes 1783 mixer.

Often times spirits promotions get a bad rap for being perceived as encouraging irresponsible drinking.

This is at the opposite end of the scale and is an imaginative way to get people enjoying the city as well as the drinks.

Tickets including the tour, the stories and the four drinks only cost €20 making it good value as well as most likely good fun.

And sure you’d never know who you might end of on tour alongside or what you might learn.

You can book your place now at

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