Ireland has a deep attachment to live radio but there is an increasing move in global trends towards podcasting.

It makes sense as a mirror to the rise of streaming video services like Netflix and traditionally strong mainstream broadcasters are taking note.

Communicorp’s Go Loud platform is getting heavy promotion across radio and online channels providing a mix of content similar to the BBC’s Sound platform.

RTÉ is now experimenting with its own hybrid way of creating content that can fill the summer airwaves in original form but which is simultaneously released as a Podcast series.

On Wednesday, July 17th Philip Boucher Hayes will come in on the back of the Drivetime programme with the first episode of Treasure island, the Hunt for the Falcon Blanco.

It’s the result of a year-long investigation into a story which could reach way beyond Ireland in terms of its appeal.

It investigates claims that a dive expedition 50 years ago located the wreck of the Falcon Blanco off Inishbofin.

The divers were commissioned by an enigmatic civil servant who had made a life’s study of the location of the Falcon Blanco, believing it to be a pay-ship of the Armada, with untold wealth on board.

But their accounts of what they did or didn’t find on the sea bed are at odds with the accounts of other witnesses.

“This series is a mystery wrapped in a riddle with a healthy syrup of adventure on top. And there is no way that you will ever guess what happens in the end. I could tell you, but that’d spoil the fun,” said Boucher Hayes.

The first four episodes will be released across all podcast formats simultaneously with the first broadcast allowing listeners to either wait for the second instalment next week or gorge on the first four. The last two will be held back for release at the end.

It’s catering to different audiences in a multi-purpose form that should work well for both.

It will be interesting to track the numbers.

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