In case you’d missed the surge in interest for nostalgia rock, this current week is hitting you around the head with it.

Following on from Deacon Blue, Madness and Primal Scream in Dun Laoghaire the previous weekend, this past few days have witnessed The Cure take on Malahide castle and Metallica bringing Slane Castle to life.

The middle ages backdrop of Castle’s is fitting for the largely middle-aged crowds recreating their youthful exuberance.

And all that before Elton John takes to the stage at the 3Arena this Wednesday.

Between them, they will have played to well over 100,000 paying concert goers, and taking a conservative €5 Million out of the pockets of those who like to pay for live music.

Perhaps many of those would not have been in the mix for concerts of up and coming Irish bands and so, therefore, the impact on that sector of the music economy will be less than it might be say on cinema, theatre or gardening but it is a trend with a finite lifespan, taking money out of a finite level of concert going revenue.

It’s worth bearing in mind the year in which each of the acts above released their first albums

Elton John – Empty Sky 1969

The Cure – Three Imaginary Boys 1979

Madness – One Step Beyond 1979

Deacon Blue – Raintown 1983

Metallica – Kill ’em All 1983

Primal Scream – Sonic Flower Groove 1987

Six artists, spanning from Scotland to Southern California and an average of 40 years in the business.

I guess that’s what you call the value of experience.


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