Working a charity partnership into your festival planning is becoming ever more important given the importance which Millenial audiences attach to doing the right thing.

It is little surprise then to see that Glastonbury is showing the way with it’s Oxfam partnership for this year’s renewal.

At this year’s Festival, Oxfam is asking patrons to say no to new clothes – and encouraging the worthy aims of saving the planet and beating poverty by buying second-hand.

It’s a counter to the idea of Fast Fashion which Oxfam claims is resulting in 11 million items of clothing ending up in UK landfill sites every week.

Oxfam shops on the high street and online save around 47 million items of clothing from going to landfill every year, so they are already making a difference but highlighting it in such a high profile fashion can only be a good thing.

Better still they are building the idea into their presence at the Festival site with three outlets selling second-hand clothing.

The Treasure Trove, The Glade and the Park Shop will be backed up by the “World Changing Room, an enormous Oxfam water tank which has been transformed into a spectacular second-hand fashion experience.

Clothes can be transformed with silk screen printing designed by artist Antony Burrill.

The charity will also have a giant washing line strung up around the site and telling the story of fast fashion and how its impact can be reversed.

Oxfam and Glastonbury have been working together for more than 25 years to make world-changing things happen – from stopping the sales of arms to funding better healthcare for mums.

Promotion of the values of the Festival will help to maintain its iconic place on the global music calendar at a time when competition has never been stronger.

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