There are many different ways for businesses to create a memorable impression. We witnessed a classic on Wednesday night when US Insurance Giant Allstate hosted their annual Circle of Champions Gala at the 3Arena.

It is a rewards programme highlight for US insurance brokers and they really do pull out all the stops.

Last night the 3Arena was kitted out like a ballroom with round tables for this group of best selling sales teams.

Why hold it in a concert venue, they may have asked. Well quite simply it was because Christina Aguilera was in town and just happened to drop by.

Now that would count as a blockbuster guest appearance to compare with any.

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Who knows how much it might have cost. She is promoting her Liberation album at the moment and preparing for a world tour so the temptation must have been to say no to yet another night out but if the money is right, and it may have been as high as $1 million then yes becomes a little easier.

There is a little extra for Allstate in terms of the publicity that it generates and Aguilera is ahead of the game there.

Her Instagram post of arriving in Dublin was sent to her 5.5 million followers, liked 2017,000 times so far and counting while this compilation of social media video clips gives a sense of what it was like to be there.