It may have been wet and miserable on the streets of Dublin but at least John Sheahan was under the cover of the Bewleys awning as he launched the MusicTown Festival programme yesterday with a rendition of the Marino Waltz.

MusicTown runs from 13th to 22nd April  as a musical celebration brought to life by Dublin City Council and Aiken Promotions.

Building on the success of the event since it was first staged in 2015, Dublin City Council’s Arts Office put out a call last December for musicians, venues and groups to put forward ideas that they would like to form part of this year’s event.

The response has produced an eclectic programme ranging from a music and storytelling event from the Dublin Dockworkers Preservation Society through to a celebration of African musical styles in Sounds of the Diaspora at the Sugar Club.

The Ark Theatre will present a series of traditional concerts for children performed by Moxie while the Royal Irish Academy of Music, Irish National Opera and the Crash Ensemble will also be putting on concerts and performances throughout the city between the 13th and 22nd of April.

There will be a series of concerts on the stage of The Abbey Theatre.

“There is much more that connects music of all kinds than divides it and MusicTown seeks to showcase the best of Dublin’s music while also encouraging new audiences to try new musical experiences,” said Dublin City Council Arts Officer and MusicTown Executive Director Ray Yeates.

“Music is one of the most community-oriented activities I can think of, added Leagues O’Toole from Aiken Promotions.

“Putting on a concert involves the mental and physical contributions of so many different people. When the whole project comes together it is a rewarding feeling for both the performers and everyone who contributed to the production of the event.”

“It is a very positive process and that extends way beyond the music itself. It teaches us about communication, team-work, co-operation and collaboration. What I love about music is how open a playing-field it is, one where actors, writers, visual artists, literally anyone can get involved. So we thought this year it would be good to meditate on those themes of “community” and “collaboration.”

Musictown is backed by Dublin City Council and Supported by RTÉ. It’s a positive collaboration which should have appeal to organisations based in the city that want to engage in cultural sponsorship that has diversity at its core.

On Wednesday 25th April we will host a gathering of existing and potential members of our community to explore the theme of ‘Making Sponsorship Work in Entertainment.

On Wednesday 23rd May we will host a specific Agency event titled ‘Creating a Platform for Agency Excellence in Entertainment’.

If you would like to join us for either of these two events, contact us today.