Jamie Macken, Deputy Managing Director of the Sponsorship practice of Core, has been appointed to the board of the European Sponsorship Association.

The Association is the voice of the sponsorship industry in Europe. Its stated aim is  to inspire, educate and raise standards within the sponsorship industry.

As an ESA Board Director, Macken will work with the wider marketing industry, advocating the recognition of sponsorship and the role it can play in building, growing and enhancing brands.

Voted Ireland’s best sponsorship agency at the 2017 Irish Sponsorship Awards, the work of the Sponsorship practice of Core centres on strategy, negotiation and measurement for both sponsors and rights holders as well as negotiating, managing and evaluating media sponsorship.

They were integral in negotiating the extension of Three’s sponsorship of the 3Arena earlier this year.

“I’m delighted to have been appointed to the Board of the European Sponsorship Association and in my role, I will be an important voice for Ireland around policy, education and excellence, said Macken.

“I believe the biggest threat to the sponsorship industry is the industry itself, as we are often guilty of looking inwards while trying to justify our role across the wider marketing communications industry.”

“We need to work closely with our peers across the marketing industry to ensure they understand the tenets of this fantastic medium.”

“We must translate sponsorship effectiveness into a common language for the entire marketing industry and provide the best training and education for those starting their careers and those willing to learn more.”

“As an ESA Board Director, I plan to help drive this agenda. To help the marketing industry recognise the role that sponsorship can play for building, growing and enhancing brands.