The Primavera Pro conference and showcase festival takes place in Barcelona this week and five Irish acts will be on stage looking to further their career.

Primavera is a global meeting point for the music industry and will include debate and discussion on the state of the global music industry.

As part of the Entertainment for Business Daily Digest, we will carry news from the Festival throughout the week.

Dozens of breakthrough bands are showcased to the global music industry and First Music Contact will be there for the second year promoting five bands as part of the Music From Ireland Export initiative.

Kojaque, Wyvern Lingo, THUMPER, A. Smyth and LAOISE will perform on Thursday on the Day Pro Stage.

“Primavera Pro has become another important stepping stone for Irish artists who are building an international profile,” said Angela Dorgan, Director of the Music from Ireland initiative.

“We have been bringing Primavera Pro’s booker, Almudena Heredero, to Ireland for a number of years and a Music From Ireland showcase seemed the next logical step for us.”

“The lineup of acts once again demonstrates the demand for Irish music by European audiences and we are excited to see what opportunities we can help them develop, with the support of Culture Ireland.”

Primavera Pro is one of eleven international showcase festivals that Music From Ireland will participate in this year.

Artists are funded, showcased and promoted at each event with the objective of building further international opportunities for the artists.

With the support of Culture Ireland, Music From Ireland will fund all five acts to travel to Barcelona this week.

The concept of supporting popular music is relatively new and it is sometimes seen as a ‘lesser’ art form than more classical genres.

It is howver the brandch of music that delivers more than any other for Ireland and while the riches are there for those who make it to the highest level, support for those on the journey is important.

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