2FM proved to be a big winner in today’s JNLR figures on Irish radio listenership, while we seem to be shifting our listening habits from morning shows to later in the day.

845,000 are now tuning in each week to 2FM, up 114,000 from the same period in 2017 with Nicky Byrne and Jenny Greene adding 19,000 since last year and the Tracey Clifford Show up 20,000 to 133,000.

Morning Ireland retained its place as the most listened to show on Irish Radio with an audience of 423,000 listeners, though there were falls for each of the main mid-morning programmes with Sean O’Rourke and Ryan Tubridy each dropping 12,000 listeners to 312,000 and 318,000 respectively and Pat Kenny down 7,000 to 143,000.

Rolling into lunchtime and the loss of George Hook and Al Porter in controversial circumstances has taken a hit to the programmes they used to host on Newstalk and Today FM with both dropping below 100,000 listeners.

There is more positive news as the day progresses. Joe Duffy’s Liveline and Sean Moncrieff both climbed 3,000 while the biggest rises came at the weekend.

Marian Finucane was up 30,000 to 246,000 for her Saturday show while Miriam O’Callaghan also saw a major boost with an extra 21,000 tunning into her Sunday show.

RTÉ’s winning of exclusive commentary rights to GAA matches has resulted in an immediate benefit with Saturday Sport up nearly 25 percent to 212,000 on the previous year and Sunday Sport adding 51,000 and now reaching an average audience of 224,000.

RTÉ1’s audience share dipped slightly to 22.6 percent but in absolute terms, the state broadcaster broke through 2 million listeners each week for the first time.

The enduring strength of Radio in Ireland is measured by the survey revealing that 83 percent of the population listen for four hours or more every day.