The sponsorship market for festivals, media, and events in Ireland is worth around €50 million.

From today a new venture ‘Entertainment for Business’ is aimed at helping businesses invest in the emotional engagement that entertainment delivers.

It’s co-founder Rob Hartnett believes the value of commercial partnerships could double over the coming years.

Entertainment for Business is a publishing, networking and events initiative based on the same model that has been built in the sporting world through Sport for Business.

“The initiative has been warmly welcomed by those businesses already investing in the entertainment sector and by those who will benefit from a greater level of engagement with the business community,” said Hartnett.

“Entertainment for Business is a natural development from what we have created through Sport for Business.”

“We will help business to understand the opportunities that exist in areas of music, festivals, theatre, comedy, cinema, and media to reach their customers at a point close to their heart.”

“In Sport, it is perhaps an easier path for sponsors to follow. It is more driven by an established hierarchy and calendar, and therefore more clearly followed and understood by businesses.”

“Through our tried and tested model of a daily news digest covering the entertainment landscape in Ireland, events bringing learning and connection among the key players from both sides and working as a collective with our members, we can create that same understanding in this wider and more diverse sector.

Hartnett has joined forces with Richard Tierney, formerly of Live Nation and Aiken Promotions and one of the best-known figures in the commercial world of entertainment in Ireland to build this new community that will make the relationships that exist stronger, and bring others yet to be seen to life.

“Sport for Business has changed the game for sport and business and the chance to do the same in entertainment has huge appeal,” said Tierney.

“We have the support of some of the biggest venues, promoters, media, and sponsors to shine a light on what they are doing and to improve the way in which business views the chances to engage in ways that are smart and effective.”

Among the events planned for early in 2018 are a gathering for local authorities on how they can maximise value from the events they support around the country and a series of informal suppers with some of those who are leading the way in the commercial world of media, entertainment, and sponsorship.

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