Innocent Drinks have teamed up with the Brightside Choir to bring a musical flavour to commuters arriving at Dublin’s Connolly Station on Monday morning, November 5th.

They have issued an open invitation to anyone who wants to ‘release their inner diva’ and shake off any weekend and half-term blues with perhaps a hit of the blues.

“It’s a well-known fact that singing makes people happy. It releases endorphins, the feel-good chemicals in the brain,” said Innocent Marketing Manager Ali Gibbons.

“The Brightside Choir is for all the people that are afraid to sing outside the shower, for all the people told to stop singing along to the car radio or who just mouth the words to happy birthday for fear of being heard.”

“Inspired by our range of Super Smoothies, we created the Brightside Choir to give a feel-good boost to people’s day, and we’re encouraging everyone to get involved.”

Choirs have become a real booming sector in recent years. The Gospel rising Festival which will take place in Dublin next May lists 30 Gospel Choirs that are currently singing their hearts out around Ireland.

Sponsorship is not a new thing either with Allianz having made a significant commitment to the Arís Celebration Choir in Kilkenny.

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Image Credit: Sam Barnes, Sportsfile