IMC Cinemas will be basking in the glow of a massive couple of weeks with Avengers Endgame on the way to becoming the most successful movie of all time.

With trailers already emerging for the final in the original series of Star Wars 2019 looks like being a good year.

The company’s annual report will take a while to reflect this with the figures for the year ending October 2017 only emerging last week.

They showed that there was a rise of 2.1 per cent that year in terms of admissions and that takings at the box office were also up by 5.8 percent.

Even better in the long term they showed that the number of Cinema visits per head of population on the island of Ireland were higher than in any other European country at 3.4 trips per year.

Profits at the company which runs 21 cinemas across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland came in at just over €1 Million for the year leaving retained profits in the company at a little over €10 million at the time of that financial year end.

Watch out for Entertainment for Business interviews coming up with some of those from the arts and business on how they work together to mutual benefit.


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