There may have been some complaints about the sound at last weekend’s Sice Girls concert but there were few giving out about the perennial issue facing event goers of connecting through their phones.

Vilicom, an Irish company that has been offering telecom solutions for almost 20 years, was testing the new mobile coverage system put in place around Croke Park stadium and have shared with us some of the data numbers that came out of Dublin 3 last Friday night.

“Over 5 terabytes of data was carried throughout the evening,” said Vilicom CEO Sean Keating.

Now that as a number sounds big but what does it actually mean.

“Well it’s difficult to say exactly without knowledge of the resolution but roughly it equates to around 1.1 million photographs or 2.7 million minutes of video content.”

Now even for a crowd of 75,000, and an event that was pretty special as the Girls first concert together since the 2012 Olympic Games, that is a very substantial amount of content.

For 90 minutes during the course of the concert, the upload volume exceeded that of the download. That could have been down to thousand’s live streaming the concert.

Thankfully from the Spice Girls and their management’s perspective, the quality of most will have been a bit ropey.

It’s still a sufficient concern that GoPro’s and lens camera’s, as well as iPads, are banned from most concerts. You don’t want to be giving away content after all.

There is a sense that if something is captured and shared that there is no evidence of having been there. Of course, there is the argument of living in the moment and creating memories but that seems to hold little sway among our smartphone and social media obsessed concert goers.

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