Conor and Sean Price have come to prominence as Ireland’s latest stars to appear on the X-Factor.  Their journey began much closer to home though when they became a breakthrough act for Hear One, an online platform giving Irish artists a platform to show their talent to the world through Facebook, YouTube and other social media.

Hear One publishes three new songs each week, in partnership with the artists. filmed either in concert or in the case of Conor and Sean, at their own studio in Central Dublin.

Each piece of content is filmed professionally either in concert or in the case of Conor and Sean, at Hear One’s own studio in Central Dublin.

The brand delivers mainly through Facebook where it has generated over 10,000 followers since going live a little over a year ago.

“We are creating content which is aimed at the ‘discovery’ end of the youth market and that has value for brands looking to activate their own content across a diverse mix of social media,” said Tom Hopkins, Founder of Hear One as part of One Productions.

“Conor and Sean’s video has taken off since they made it through to the live shows,”

“We filmed them over a year ago and it is great to see them doing so well now.”

“The acts we feature are being presented to us by our audience and by themselves.  We retain editorial control over who we choose to work with so that the standard remains high.  We film and produce still photography and then when the artist distributes what we’ve done to their own audience it comes back to us and a content channel of real quality and interest is the end result.”

“We are working in partnership and that’s the way the music business has gone with the artist taking control in many ways of their own niche audience until such time as they grow big enough and solid enough, to reach to a wider market.”

“We are not a label, we are the first step in a journey for them and by combining those first steps across a wide range of artists we are building our own audience who trust us to deliver great content.”

At Entertainment for Business, we are all about a shared collective approach.  It’s a pleasure to be able to highlight what Hear One has done to date and to follow the progress of its alumni through the choppy waters of public approval in the X-Factor arena.

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