The PR value Irish Tourism’s partnership with the producers of Game of Thrones was worth an equivalent advertising value of €23 million and reached 120 million potential visitors to the island of Ireland.

That was above the €16.5 million that the partnership with Star Wars is estimated to have been worth.

We learned these figures from Tourism Ireland CEO Niall Gibbons speaking at a special briefing on the cultural, artistic, sports and tourism links between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Rob Hartnett, the co-founder of Entertainment for Business sits on the Culture, Arts, Sports and Tourism committee of the British Irish Chamber of Commerce which hosted this morning’s event at the offices of KPMG as part of their #Agenda2018 series.

“We could never have afforded to invest that amount of money from an advertising perspective so that value of being imaginative and working with the creative sector is proven to be of real value.

Tourism numbers from the United Staes and Continental Europe have climbed by more than 30 per cent over the past three years.

Gibbons spoke of the huge value that came from creating a ‘Bayeaux’ style tapestry that was updated after each episode of Series Seven and revealed that an ‘even bigger and more imaginative’ campaign was planned to coincide with the broadcast of the final series which we learned today from HBO will air in 2018.

As rumours swirled throughout the day we also learned of the potential impact which Brexit might have on the cultural connections between North and South and we will explore those in greater depth on Entertainment for Business tomorrow.

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