GoLoud is the new app from Communicorp linking together its own radio stations, the best of Irish and International podcasts and a wide range of what are described as ‘mood based’ playlists of streaming music.

Whether it’s Matt Cooper on Today FM, Tom Dunne on Newstalk, 98FM or Spin, all the stations are now together on the one app.

You can register to get a more personalised service or simply listen is as a guest.

Naturally, the stations themselves feature to the fore and in the Podcast section where all 24 of the ‘Popular series’ section come from Off The Ball, Newstalk, TodayFM or 98FM shows.

Go into browse mode though and it opens up a lot more to bring in some really good content from the US and UK.

“This is a game-changer for Communicorp Media, one that sees us firmly place ourselves in the audio market,” said Communicoprp Media Group CEO Adrian Serle.

“We have some of the best radio content, and highest profile presenters in the country, and have now created a single free-to-use app for consumers to access any of our 16 radio stations, expertly curated music playlists, and the best selection of Ireland’s most listened to podcasts”

“GoLoud will target new and existing consumers to use the platform, introducing them to new and exciting brands and content that they may have never listened to previously. GoLoud enables the listener to discover new podcasts, curated playlists and live radio, and seamlessly move between them. GoLoud will be available via app, website, smart speaker and in-car.”

“Within the next three years, 50 per cent of Irish homes are expected to own a smart speaker, 75 per cent of whom will use it to listen to ‘their’ radio station.”

“Consumption habits are changing, as are the range of audio services people are now listening to. Research has shown that listeners want more digital audio content and they want a service that makes it easy to discover and listen to great radio, podcasts and music streams: GoLoud is that service.”

“GoLoud is a progressive investment by Communicorp Media,” added Alan Cox, CEO of Core.

“The presentation of its radio brands and content is both appealing and engaging, and the addition of curated podcasts expands the offering through a good blend of quantity and choice. The branding and structure of the app also gives the company scope to broaden the offering in the future, which will be interesting to watch.”

It will indeed with the future of podcasts firmly in the spotlight, and a positive one at that, this is an opportunity to capture a significant market share.

It may damage the Radio Player which has sought to bring together all of Irish radio, and indeed RTÉ’s own audio offering.

The competition is hot and will be fascinating to see develop.

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