Entertainment for Business hosted our first major event of the year last Thursday, taking over the Loft at Verve’s HQ in Dublin to welcome leaders from across the industry. Three, KBC Bank and Diageo were among the sponsors with senior agency personnel, venues including the SSE Arena in Belfast and Promoters including Aiken Promotions came to share some learning and make connections.

It’s what Entertainment for Business is all about, shining a light on areas of the business and creating the opportunity to form connections that make everybody’s working life just a little bit easier.

Over the next couple of days, we will share some of what was discussed and some of the smart thinking that emerged from the stage.

The first presentation was from Stephen O’Leary of Olytico who turned his analytical eye on some of the biggest Festivals to take place in Ireland last year.

He looked at ten key areas where good work was being done but where opportunities were still plentiful to go one step further in the next twelve months.

They included Getting Better at the basics, an example of which we share below as well as the examples he showed on branded photo opportunities.

The other areas included volunteering, Festival podcasts, how to extend the tail of a partnership post-festival, how to innovate in terms of social media competitions, the positive side of FOMO, how to measure success, the evolution of influencers and the benefit of creating charity connections.

As they say, you had to have been there to get the full flavour of the presentation but we can share the rest of the material with Entertainment for Business members or you can open up a conversation with Stephen and his team at Olytico.

Simply email us today and we can open up the door.

Olytico listened and analysed over 250,000 posts last summer to get the kind of insights that can have a dramatic impact on the return a sponsor can get and the impact a Festival can show it has delivered.


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