The Billion Dollar entertainment juggernaut that is Game of Thrones has commenced its victory lap with the first episode in the final series airing in the US on Sunday night and here in Europe again on Monday evening.

Northern Ireland, where so much of the show has been filmed drew an estimated 120,000 tourists last year when the show was not on air.

Economic assessment studies put the value of their travel, accommodation, food and shopping at a conservative €34 million and the Game of Thrones Exhibition in Belfast is the first time it has been staged in Britain or Ireland.

The Ulster Museum has even crafted a new tapestry depicting the timeline of the show and which is being updated after each episode.

We won’t give away any spoilers and if you want to avoid mention of the show it might be best to go live in a cave on an isolated beach until the end in early June.

The level of engagement across social and mainstream media in the run-up to the final series has been staggering.

It is shown here on Sky Atlantic the identity of which was taken over in the run-up to Sunday’s opening episode.

Sky had multimedia partnerships with the Daily Mail and the Sun newspaper and online enabling free content for readers and even went so far as to take over the Sky Sports Premier League programming with activations that left you in no doubt that Sky was more than football, that it was also the home of GoT.

It’s on now. You either get it or you don’t.



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