If you have young teenage children you will not have missed today’s biggest global entertainment news with the launch of Fortnite’s Season 5.

If you don’t it may still just be an echo on radio talk shows but the game is now played on a regular basis by 125 million people around the world. There is even an opportunity for England footballers, known to be partial to the game to get back online.

The biggest new addition according to our underage reporters has been the second vehicle, an ATK or All Terrain Kart, adding to the shopping trolleys that have been the only wheels to date.

“The new portals are pretty good as well, and the Kart can take four people or a full squad which is great.”

Ancient Statues have also been found and there is at least one new location in Paradise Palms.

The launch of a new season is a big money drop event for Epic Games with players looking to fork out for another $10 Battle Pass, or use up some of their V Buck stashes to get access to the best features.

There is also the news of the first invitations going out for big money competitions to be staged over the next year and of a major ‘World Cup’ event in 2019.

The prize pools for the competitions are believed to be upwards of $100 Million.

So maybe we should be listening more.  This is as big as it gets.