And so it has ended. Game of Thrones came to its conclusion after eight seasons of creating cultural icons.

It was a series that spanned the global domination of social media and while the number talking about it, or ignoring it was always likely to be bigger than the numbers watching it, those numbers were pretty impressive for a Pay Per View event.

The numbers that tuned in to Sunday’s finale on HBO in the US touched 19.3 million.

That was 14.2 per cent higher than the previous record set with the conclusion of Series seven.

The liner figures only were 13.6 million making it the most watched single episode in HBO’s history, breaking a record previously held since 2002 with the opening show in series four of The Soprano’s.

That makes it a big deal and it was too for Sky Ireland who hosted a themed VIP screening last night at the RDS, managed by Verve the Live Agency who turned the halls of that august body into a version of Westeros though without so much of the flames and bloodshed.

It has served Northern Ireland well as the scenic backdrop to many of its sequences and as a subsequent tourism honey pot.

Before it came along no one could have imagined that a fantasy epic featuring incest and dragons could ever be so big, now the search is on for what can possibly take its place.

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