With Halloween just around the corner, Dublin City Council’s North East Inner City Office is looking to break a world record tonight for the greatest number of people dressed up as vampires.

We are not sure how many have tried to set the record in the recent past but in the home city of Bram Stoker, it is only right that we should be giving it a go.

Sean McDermott Street in the City centre will be closed between 6-30 and 8 pm as the Dracula wannabe’s gather to walk jog or limp a course as part of a Garda backed Fun Run Series.

Those coming are encouraged to dress as vampires, or at least to put on a black bin liner and there will be face painters and makeup artists there to add a dash of gothic horror.

There will be music and entertainment back at the Church on Sean Mcdermott street and the event is part of the Big Scream Festival which is funded by the Government under the North East inner-city initiative.

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