Communicorp has added its three new digital music stations to the Irish Radio Player App.

Today XM, 98FM Throwback and SPIN Xtra were launched as specialised music streams within its current brand portfolio earlier this year.

They offer a non-stop music stream based on the likely tastes of those who would be fans of each of the three stations.

“We launched a number of new digital music streams earlier this year across Today FM, 98FM, SPIN 1038 and SPIN Southwest to expand our offering and to allow people to consume the brands they love more often,” said Keith McCormack, CEO of Music and Entertainment at Communicorp Media.

“The audience reaction has been amazing. Since launching we have had thousands of people tuning in to each stream, with over half a million streams in their first 5 months.”

“We are very excited to see our streams on the Irish Radio Player App – giving our audience another opportunity to listen and enjoy.”

RTÉ has also been active in the digital music space with Will Leahy and Rick O’Shea among the big names with a strong radio heritage moving onto RTÉ Gold and building audiences away from the mainstream stations.

The key driver for stations going into the digital arena is the additional data it can supply to advertisers.

The total number of streams has grown six-fold in the US since 2010 with the average concurrent listing sessions on weekdays now running at just under six million.

With 48 million Americans listening to podcasts on a weekly basis as well it is clear that this is an area of substantial growth.

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