Channel 4 comedy hit Derry Girls has been commissioned for a third series. The announcement was made at the end of the last in the second series on Tuesday night and backed up ion Social Media.

The first two series have proven to be the station’s most successful ever comedy and have hit over 50% of the total population of Northern Ireland in particular.

The second series finished with the visit of Bill Clinton to Derry in the wake of the Good Friday Agreement.

It had previously touched on that agreement through the series, perhaps giving British audiences their first understanding of the Northern Ireland story, particularly relevant at the time of Brexit and Hard Borders.

The series has been imaginative throughout with a Derry accent voicing over the Trivago sponsorship sting that topped and tailed each episode and the tone of voice of the show reflected as well in the social media announcement.

It’ll be a while before it hits the screens again but it will be worth the wait.


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