The Irish Film Institute launched the Loopline Collection on the IFI Player this week.

It is a loving look back on another era in Dublin, with property developers zeroing in on local communities and more.

Footage of an early U2 Concert as part of a Looking On Festival in the North East Inner City captured the media headlines and doubtless did wonders for visits to the player and to streaming of its other collections.

This feel good nostalgia should be like catnip to marketing departments keen to root themselves to the heartbeat of communities but we’re nowhere to be seen.

If such an endeavour was to be undertaken in Europe there would be a strong interest from brands and individual philanthropists. Witness the €300 million donated by two individuals towards the restoration of Notre Dame.

The IFI lists the Arts Council, the Ireland Funds, Culture Ireland and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

Were commercial partners approached or did the availability of public funding mean it never had to be?

Even the Irish Adverts Collection, highlighting the work of Ireland’s biggest ad agencies has no commercial around it.

There is a market of brands eager to invest in what matters to their customers. They should be taking a closer look at the IFI, or Maybe that’s the other way around.


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