Electric Picnic will unveil its line up for 2019 on Wednesday of this week and will also reveal details of a brand new Summer Festival to take place in Ireland.

Its a strong case of brand development with the Picnic itself selling out way before any acts are announced and now as much a part of the cultural fabric of late summer as the return to school, albeit more fun.

With limited scope for expanding numbers at Stradbally and always a fear of increasing revenue by raising prices and potentially killing the Golden Goose, organisers have decided to go down the path of cloning.

We don’t know yet where the second Festival will take place, only that it is in a brand new venue never previously seen on the Festival circuit.

We don’t know yet when it will be but the likelihood of July to avoid a clash with either the Electric Picnic itself or All Together Now in early August which proved there was an appetite for music and lifestyle event aimed at a slightly older demographic.

Going head to head or close enough to Longitude would not have quite the same risk of appealing to the same audience.

What we do know is that the announcement will be made on Wednesday and that the new Festival will be on the schedule for this year.

Can’t wait to bring you the news in 48 hours time…

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