Body and Soul this weekend will see a World Premiere in the shape of Classical Collision mashing up Debussy with Billie Eilish.

Last year it was Jenny Greene and the RTÉ Concert Orchestra, this year Classical Collision features concert pianist Máire Carroll, a twenty-four piece orchestral ensemble, and vocals from Karen Cowley of Wyvern Lingo, Erica Cody and Max Zanga.

It will be seen live for the first time at 5 pm this Saturday, June 22nd on the Main Stage at Body & Soul in Ballinlough Castle, Co Westmeath, the 45 minute set promises a mix of classical and contemporary music as never heard before.

The set, conducted by Kenneth Rice from the Irish Chamber Orchestra, will be brought to a close with a powerful performance of The Cranberries’ Dreams, with vocals from Wyvern Lingo.

“We are very grateful to Avril Stanley and her team at Body & Soul for giving us the main stage to present something we believe is really very special,” said Dan Healy, Head of 2FM and Radio Strategy.

“The 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth is next year and I sometimes think we forget that he and all the great classical composers were the innovators of their day, the same way Beyoncé and U2 are now.”

“So why not showcase great classical music with the amazing music we have now?”

“As luck would have it, Máire Carroll, a young Irish concert pianist, made contact which sparked the idea of a 2FM Live Classical Collision. I can’t wait for her open the show with Debussy and crash it on to Lizzo’s Juice and move Chopin into Bad Guy by Billie Eilish. This won’t be a one-off.”

“The title, Classical Collision, speaks volumes about what we are trying to do here,” added Carroll.

“You have got your standard piano pieces that everyone is familiar with and that have stood the test of time, and you are putting it alongside pieces that a younger generation would be more familiar with. You are showing the link between the two and showing that actually, they do go together.”

“All these tunes that are on our setlist just made me so excited. I was thrilled to add in Seven Rings by Ariana Grande, for example, because I just love her. The fact that she samples My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music in the piece, shows she is a contemporary young artist looking to the past to see what she can change and recreate – similar to what we are doing here.”

Also at Body & Soul this weekend, 2FM Rising returns on Friday afternoon, with a line-up of Ireland’s most exciting up and coming acts, including Pillow Queens, Tebi Rex and ROE taking to the Woodlands Stage.

At 6pm, Fia Moon will commence proceedings, followed by Rushes and JyellowL. Tebi Rex, ROE, Pillow Queens and Flynn will follow suit, with True Tides bringing Rising to a close from 2.45am on Saturday morning.

“Last year was a magical experience in the forest, getting to see the 2FM Rising acts in such an incredible setting was truly mind-blowing,” said Alan Swan, Head of Music at 2FM.

“This year’s line up shows how exciting the Irish music scene is right now.”

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