There are so many competing attractions that the Cinema box office over St Patrick’s weekend is never likely to be among the biggest of the year.

There was a continuing boost though from Captain Marvel which backed up its opening weekend, the third biggest ever in March on a global basis.

This past weekend saw revenues of €456, 920, the only movie of the weekend to hit six figures.

Instant Family came in second with €91,266, overtaking the Lego Movie 2 which slipped to €87,609, less than half of the previous weekend’s take.

The weekend’s main new release was What Men Want which drew in €86,063

The aggregate amount taken in by the Top 10 movies at the Irish box office last weekend was €936,901 a fall on the previous weekend’s €1,382,135, but up on the €886,047 generated the week before Captain Marvel hit the screens.


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