Investment assets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but one that will appeal to those who are fans of music or movies is the ability to buy into the catalogue of artists or the future royalties to come from a movie.

There is a great article in today which outlines the story of how a desire to invest in the future of music led one US businessman to buy the company that he was looking to invest through and supercharge it to provide a whole new class of investment.

Yes, of course, it is potentially at the riskier end of the scale but unless you are Sony looking to buy the whole back catalogue of a star that is (almost) guaranteed to still be popular in a decade’s time than this could be a winner.

The basis of the investment is that you can buy into a packaged catalogue which might include music from one or a number of different styles or you could look to create one that suits your own tastes.

Each song in the portfolio is divided into tiny percentages with the artist often retaining a majority of the royalties but cashing in early. Eminem picture above is one of those to have seen the potential in selling off a portion of his catalogue.

It’s well worth a read to see if it sparks off any desires of what to do with those nest eggs earning less than one per cent in savings accounts…

Read the full article on here

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