Every challenge, looked at from a different angle can become an opportunity.

Arts Minister Heather Humphreys has announced that there is to be a training programme and suite of support measures put in place to tackle the issues of workplace bullying and harassment that have come into sharp focus in recent weeks.

Organisations reporting directly to the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht will be invited to take part in specific workshops covering issues of governance in relation to board relationships as well as on dealing with the problems of abuse of power in the working environment.

There will be a rollout programme of information days around the country as well for smaller organisations and others in the arts and culture space.

This is a right action to emerge and a good one for the Department to be seen to take action on. It is to be done under the auspices of doing the right thing but also ensuring that organisations in receipt of state funding should be seen to take a lead.

Think a little laterally about though and it doesn’t take long to come to the conclusion that all organisations face the same challenges. It’s not only actors, producers, and directors that need to behave but everyone in a position of authority in any company, club or organisation.

The best way to explain, educate and change behaviour is through the medium of storytelling and who better than the arts sector to build an effective and affecting workshop around this serious subject.

If it is created right, with all the right inputs and delivered quickly there must surely be an opportunity to commercialise the art of storytelling by engaging with companies to provide the same training and awareness.

It could be done through a blend of recorded pieces for a distributed workforce in the same way as e-learning has transformed training and for senior leadership teams, who need most acutely to be aware of the issues it could be delivered either in-house or as a gathering of business leaders at theatre venues.

There are possibilities for good whenever bad is confronted. If that was an opportunity to engage the arts in a serious business challenge as well it could be good beyond even the confines of better behaviour from those in power.

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