The lines between attending a Festival and watching it from the comfort of home could be blurring with MTV’s purchase of the SnowGlobe Festival in California which takes place in December.

The size of the three-day event which combines music and winter sports activity is nothing particularly special with 20,000 attendees, less than half the size of Electric Picnic.

The motivation behind the purchase appears to be to deliver live and exclusive programming during the peak holiday season between Christmas and New Year but also to expand the ‘brand’ of the Festival by bringing it to other markets.

What could be better as a global yet local means of promotion than having the TV station controlling the Festival and enabling a genuine crossover between the real and the virtual experience?

“With SnowGlobe, we’ve always endeavoured to create an event experience that sets itself apart from the typical music festival model,” said Chad Donnelly who founded SnowGlobe eight years ago.

“We are incredibly excited to be joining the MTV family, whose legacy of developing boundary-breaking programming and events perfectly aligns with our long-standing ambition of creative innovation.”

If you could imagine those same words and thoughts being spoken about Electric Picnic, AllTogetherNow or any of our other major summer festivals then you are not alone.

Maybe there is a greater value in the show than the sum of annual ticket sales and commercial partnerships…

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