Love Sensation takes place this weekend at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham and promises to be a lively party.

It may though be suffering in terms of sponsorship from the surge in corporate activity around Pride and other LGBTQ Events over the Summer.

Vodafone, Guinness and Bank of Ireland put their weight behind the Summer’s Union Cup Rugby tournament and there was significant business engagement with and support for Dublin Pride back in June.

Many of those same brands and others were active in Belfast, Cork, and the UK in recent weeks but there are no big names attached to Love Sensation, despite a high-quality line up that includes Lily Allen.

Instead, it is left to Dragged Up, promoting other events, MCD, The George and Bukkake, Buzz O’Neill’s pop up nightclub in Café en Seine to support Mother in getting the Festival up and running.

Big brands in beer, media and more have been very active across the Summer Festivals but this is one that seems to have fallen between the cracks in attracting bigger commercial interest.

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