Avengers: Endgame is heading towards becoming the biggest grossing movie of all time. Over the weekend it took in $282 Million internationally outside of the United States and now has a cumulative gross of $2.18 Billion.

It is only the fifth movie in history to pass through $2 Billion and has overtaken Titanic as the second biggest of all time after Avatar.

As a guide to the likelihood of taking over the number one spot, it is currently a little over $500 million shy of James Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster.

It got to the $2 Billion mark in only 11 days. It took Avatar more than four times longer.

The juggernaut has been seen in almost every market.

The opening weekend in Ireland took in €2.14 Million in box office turnover, five times more than the Lego Movie 2’s opening weekend and almost three times more than the year’s previous high of €878 Million achieved in March by Captain Marvel.

It’s all very good news for Cinema’s and comes on top of last week’s news that Irish Multiplex Cinema’s had grown takings to 113.8 Million last year.

Read More about IMC’s figures.

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