The early indications from today’s budget are broadly positive for the Arts and Culture sector.

The Ministers speech in the Dáil revealed that there will be an extension of the current film corporation tax credit.

It will now run to December 2024 an extension from the end date up until today of 2020.

In addition, there will be a time-limited regional uplift which will allow for further credits on projects in the regions though we will have to wait to see how this is defined.

Straight after the speech the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht released further details of spending plans for the sector.

These will include a lift of 13.5 per cent or €22.6 million in overall funding on 2018.

This will include an additional €10.6 million in current funding, a 7.7 per cent rise, and €12 million more for capital projects, a 14 per cent increase.

The funding to the Arts Council will rise by 10 per cent to €75 million, more than double the increase seen in 2018.

The National Campaign for the Arts had made a number of calls in its pre-budget submission including an increase in funding to the Arts Council by €13.2 million in 2019 , bringing funding back up to the 2008 level of €82 million, with a view to doubling investment in the Arts Council to a total of €130 million over the next six years.

This may not have delivered that level but it is a strong step in the right direction.

“This increased funding is tangible evidence of the importance attached to our cultural and creative heritage under Project Ireland 2040 and clearly demonstrates this Government’s commitment to increase spending in the arts and culture sector on a trajectory that will see funding doubled by 2025,” said Minister Josepha Madigan.

“The increased funding will facilitate further work in terms of the planning and early-stage implementation of the Department’s 10 year Capital Plan ‘Investing in our Culture, Language & Heritage 2018-2027’ across all programme areas – together with increased support for arts and artists via the Arts Council and Creative Ireland; the film industry and this Government’s ambitions under Global Ireland 2025, as well as additional restoration and development, works across our built and natural heritage portfolios.”

Join us tomorrow when we will gather together reaction from across the sector to what has been revealed in the Budget for 2019.

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