Apple has made another major music tech purchase following the completion of their deal to buy Shazam last month.

Tech new source Axios reported over the weekend that the company had bought Asaii, a data analytics startup which uses algorithms which are supposed to assist in the identification of up and coming talent.

The service has previously claimed to identify artists up to a year before they pass a tipping point of awareness in the general public.  They do this through using data derived from music streaming services as well as social media to create alerts for record companies.

It is suggested that the move was prompted by an increase in Spotify activity aimed at encouraging new artists to upload directly to the service and make more of a mark in the rising talent area.

The service also can be used to bolster recommendation technology where Spotify has also been credited as having a lead previously over its main rival.

Axios reports that the deal for Asaii was worth less than $100 million and it was confirmed overnight by some of the original investors in the company.

In a quirk which we find interesting but which has not been picked up elsewhere the name of the company is remarkably similar to that of Hiroki Asai, the Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications at Apple up until two years ago.





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