Friday, November 1st may go down in history as a key date in the evolution of home and mobile entertainment. Or it may become a footnote in a rapidly changing landscape.

The reason for its importance is that it was the date for Apple to enter the world of subscription streamed video content. Apple Music has been around a lot longer and the similarities between the business models are obvious but this pitches the one time technology giant right into the world of content creation as well as delivery.

While Apple Music goes toe to toe with Spotify, Apple TV will be taking on Netflix, as well as similar servives coming soon from Disney, HBO and already there from Amazon.

One key difference is that this will just, for the moment at least, deliver original content created by Apple TV. The first series to grab the attention is The Morning Show starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.

It has garnered mixed reviews but at least it is being talked about and that is crucial in cutting through the noise to grab our attention and our subscriptions.

Apple has always been high end when it comes to price and relctant to the extreme iwith regard to discounting.

Again this is changed for TV with the service coming in at a cost of €4.99 a month, well below netflix and others, including Sky.

It is available via App on Apple iPhones and iPads as well as through the Apple TV set top box that eir TV is pinning its hopes and distribution on.

There is a seven day free trial to see whether you like the four initial shows that are up on the service.

For all future purchases of an Apple device, the TV service will be included as a free add on for a year.

Apple’s potential for bundling music and TV content puts them in a strong position to grab consumers but whether any discounting will cannibalise the existing revenue streams is an important question for the team to grapple with.

So far, apart from the morning Show there is history in the shape of Dickinson, alternative history about the space race in For All Mankind and a bit of nostalgia through Snoopy coming to the screen in a series of 12 animated shorts.

Better add them all to the list of things we should be watching, if only we had 28 hours in the day.

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