Allianz has been a long-term backer of the arts in Ireland and the association they have with Arís Celebration Choir is a great example of how they work with partners to secure positive results all round.

The choir first came to prominence in April 2016 when performing on Britain’s Got Talent as the Kilkenny Presentation School Choir. That could have been it for the group but on their return to Kilkenny they reformed under a new name and since then have been working on an album.

They gained impetus from being commissioned by Allianz to sing ‘Go the Distance’ from the Disney film ‘Hercules’ for their 30-second TV ad featuring blind athlete Sinéad Kane.

Allianz will be using this across no fewer than 6 community-related advertisements featuring their association as sponsor with golfer Paul McGinley and Paralympians Jason Smyth, Michael McKillop and Ellen Keane.

Meanwhile, the Arís Celebration Choir has made this Disney classic song their own and with support from Allianz have recorded a four-minute music video, filmed in Kilkenny which has already had over 346,000 views on the Arís Facebook page.

A new Allianz 30 second TV advert featuring Veronica McCarron of Arís has also been made and will commence airing shortly

“This story is a good example of how arts and business collaboration can benefit not just the art form, but can be used for commercial purposes to great effect and also be seen as a way to give back to local communities,” said Allianz Head of Sponsorship Damien O’Neill speaking to Entertainment for Business.

“What appeals to Allianz about choral music is that singing is so simple to do – anybody anywhere can stand up and sing.”

“It doesn’t require a huge infrastructure to get a choir started and it is generally community-based.”

“People can achieve extraordinary things with this art form and all across the country, there is a strong tradition for choral music from school and church choirs to more professional groups.”

Allianz’s investment in Arís has given the choir a new brand and purpose and is helping to position the choir to become successful nationally, and in time, internationally.

Instead of simply writing a cheque, Allianz is partnering with the choir on its journey to achieving its objectives.

For Allianz, it has allowed them leverage community art in a commercial context and gives them and their brand a creative way to engage with customers and potential customers.

“Businesses that engage with local arts organisations in a collaborative way, will as a consequence become better integrated in the communities from which they depend for their revenue,” said Sean McGrath, CEO of Allianz Ireland.

“When this is married with a genuine social requirement – such as improving quality of life and developing opportunities for people – usually, what is achieved is greater than the sum of its parts.”

“The opportunity is there to reap the benefits – whether it is through something as simple as a choir or a more complex artistic venture – and for all involved to reach their full potential.”

Allianz has been serving people and communities since 1890. As part of this ethos, they see themselves as privileged to be celebrating and supporting the work of contemporary artists who have the courage and daring to challenge expectation and convention and produce experiences from which we all benefit.

Over the years, Allianz has supported Melissa Hamilton and Monica Loughman, two of Ireland’s most prolific ballerinas.

Internationally, they have collaborated with the world-famous pianist Lang Lang since 2011 and Allianz also sponsor the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Through their advocacy, Allianz encourages other businesses to think in the same way about arts partnerships and have, for the last two decades supported the Allianz Business to Arts Awards and the Allianz Arts & Business (NI) Awards and have used their engagement to promote the benefits to all of doing so.

We are pleased to reveal today that Allianz is also one of the first major commercial sponsors of the arts in Ireland to come on board as a member of Entertainment for Business.

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