You know that the obsession level in relation to television has reached epic proportions when social media exploded not with news of a death in Game of Thrones but with screen grabs of an errant coffee cup in one of the early scenes of Episode Four.

It’s officially a meme now if such things ever gain official status but Starbucks will be very happy with the extra publicity, even if it proved not to be one of theirs.

Those who did not watch in the early hours of Sunday morning on this side of the Atlantic will have missed out on most of the live madness which erupted primarily among those who were live tweeting during the initial showing on Sunday night in the US.

It was in the middle of a banquet scene with the survivors of Episode Three’s major battle scene quaffing ale in voluminous quantities.

Daenerys Targaryen was obviously taking things a little handy though with the reclaiming of the Throne itself still uppermost in her mind.

If show afficianado’s were ever to take to real detective work though, the world would likely be crime free in an instant.

Fair play then to those who pieced together a timeline using other characters instagram accounts to reveal actress Sophie Turner who plays Sansa Stark dressed in the same outfit she is wearing in the scene and clutching a Starbucks coffee cup, compostable one assumes, while enjoying down time between shoots.

Could she have left it on the table thinking she’d remove it before the scene was shot?

Could she have imagined that with multi million dollar budgets in play that the mistake woud have been spotted and removed in post production?

Could it have been placed deliberately to serve as a reminder that this was fictional in years to come?

The simple answer is that it was a mistake and HBO had already digitally removed it by the time the show was uploaded to on-demand streaming services and rebroadcast here on Sky Atlantic.

And it wasn’t even a Starbucks cup, but an unbranded one from the production ‘cart’.

For that confirmation, we can thank the Wall Street Journal whose journalists obviously did not have any global economic crises to deal with.

Watch out for Entertainment for Business interviews coming up with some of those from the arts and business on how they work together to mutual benefit.


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