The annual report of the Motion Picture Association of America has revealed that annual revenue at cinemas on a global basis was up one percent at $41.1 billion but that the gap to home entertainment was growing ever wider.

The overall global value of entertainment at home, as defined by streaming and DVD climbed 16 percent to $55.7 billion.

For those who may be young, DVD’s are small silver discs that used to be played on DVD players, most of which are now in the electronic alternative to landfill.

Digital home entertainment climbed 24 percent in the US and a massive 34 percent internationally where it now generates $25.1 billion.

Disney plans to enter the market alongside Netflix, Amazon and Apple will only enhance those numbers in years to come.

The report also shines a light on who the customers are that are keeping the movie business alive.

In the main they are regular cinema goers. 12 per cent of the population of the US and Canada make up 49 per cent of box office revenue.

75 percent of the population went to the finale at least once and youth is on the right side of the medium as well.

Those aged between 12 and 24 saw an average of 5.1 movies last year. Middle aged adults also found their way back. That cohort saw an average of 4.3 movies last year as opposed to 3.6 in 2017.

The gender gap was within normal parameters with 51 percent of ticket buyers women and 49 percent men.


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